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Barn Elms Allotment Society: Growing excess produce to combat food insecurity in London

Since 2022, Barn Elms Allotment has been proudly collaborating with City Harvest, donating over 900 kg of fresh produce to those in need. This impactful partnership highlights the power of community-driven initiatives in tackling food waste and alleviating food poverty in London.

The Food Donation Scheme: A Simple yet Powerful Initiative

The Food Donation Scheme at Barn Elms operates every Sunday evening, where volunteers sort through the harvested produce. The scheme has seen remarkable growth, with an increase of 360 kg in its first year, followed by an impressive 520 kg last year. The organiser of the scheme shares, “On a Sunday evening, very simply, we just sort through what we’ve gotten and we’ve seen significant growth each year.”

Voices from Barn Elms: A Commitment to Ending Hunger

Barn Elms plot holders are passionate about ensuring no one goes hungry. Morna, a dedicated plot holder says, “I can’t bear the thought of anybody going hungry. And I honestly think that nobody should be going hungry, especially in a first world country like this. It’s absolutely appalling. The means to distribute the food are there, and that’s what we should be doing. So I’m really happy to donate any excess produce.”

City Harvest: Rescuing Food, People, and the Planet

For the past 10 years, City Harvest London has been rescuing surplus nutritious food from manufacturers, suppliers, producers, and retailers. This food is then delivered, free of charge, to over 375 London charities that support those facing food poverty. City Harvest’s mission is multifaceted, focusing on preventing food waste, providing life-changing support to communities, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from waste.

City Harvest’s impact is felt across every borough in London, with deliveries reaching food banks, community centres, school programmes, homeless shelters, hostels, soup kitchens, mental health charities, elderly support projects, social pantries, community kitchens, refugee hostels, nurseries, family centres, and domestic abuse refuges. Each month, City Harvest distributes free food for over 1.2 million meals, ensuring that those who can’t access or afford food are given the support they need to thrive.

Barn Elms Allotments: A Unique Community Asset

Barn Elms Allotments, leased from a division of Thames Water, is one of the few privately owned allotment sites within the Borough of Richmond. Covering just over 5 acres, the site comprises 116 plots, each approximately 5 rods in size. With 187 members, Barn Elms Allotment Society (BEAS) is a vibrant community dedicated to sustainable practices and community support.

A Growing Partnership: Sustainability and Community Engagement

The partnership between Barn Elms and City Harvest has evolved into a cornerstone of Barn Elms’ sustainability strategy. Beyond donating excess produce, Barn Elms plot holders volunteer at City Harvest’s food rescue HQ and organise fundraising events to support the charity’s mission of rescuing food, people, and the planet.

Your Role in a Sustainable Solution

City Harvest rescues food from all parts of the UK food industry and delivers it to over 375 community partners across London. By diverting surplus food sustainably, you can take action against food waste and food poverty. Join the effort today and be a part of this incredible journey to make London a happier, healthier, and more sustainable city for all.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit City Harvest and follow their journey on social media:

Together, we can make a difference. Join us in supporting City Harvest and Barn Elms Allotments in their mission to rescue food, people, and the planet.


Your Sustainable Solution to Surplus

City Harvest rescues food, for free, from all parts of the UK food industry, and delivers it to 375+ community partners across London. Take action against food waste and food poverty today by sustainably diverting your surplus.