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‘The Beauty of Food Redistribution’ exhibition

City Harvest Value Reports brought to life through art

‘The Beauty of Food Redistribution’ is a pop-up exhibition that can be hosted in any venue & provides a unique way to interact with the impact of our charity’s work via AR Augmented Reality & AI.

“When our physical and mental health is strong, we have the confidence and security to grow into the best versions of ourselves. When our roots are deeply woven within our communities, we feel
supported. Life is cyclical & evolution shows us that cycles allow us to develop and get stronger to adapt, survive and thrive.
City Harvest rescues food from being wasted and delivers to those in need, breaking the waste cycle & feeding new cycles of improved health & a better tomorrow.”

– Curator & Head of Communications, Fiona Hollis.

July 2023: The People Report photography by Oscar J Ryan, capturing the beautiful connection between City Harvest and the school communities we feed.  
A series of confronting life-size prints shot in a school playground, these prints convey the size of the issue and the scale of City Harvest’s solution. 1 in 4 children doesn’t eat because the cost of living and food has risen so much that people cannot afford to feed their families and pay bills, with malnutrition and rickets becoming an increasing problem in children.

October 2023: The Food Report installation was created by Yanis Georges, using AI, AR and 3D particle animation to bring to life the data used in the report & show the beautiful ripple effect of our charity’s social impact & SROI. Food waste is reduced from the food industry allowing companies to move closer to net zero, save money on food waste disposal & build trust with stakeholders with transparent reporting. For every 1 ton of food donated, £3,550 is saved.

March 2024: The Planet Report artwork was created by Nacoca.Ko using AI / AR animation she visualised the concept of a third of the planet’s food being wasted & our vision of having transparent waste reporting & zero food waste.
Nacoca Ko’s series of 6 stunning images depicts ‘The Beauty of Food Redistribution’. The circularity of life is robust, and these images convey the very purpose of growing and nurturing food, people, and our planet: to thrive. Life is at its most beautiful when it thrives.

‘The Beauty of Food Redistribution’ a roaming exhibition by City Harvest

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