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Art Work by Yanis Georges

Yanis Georges

 The Food Report installation was created by Yanis Georges, using AI, AR and 3D particle animation to bring to life the data used in the report & show the beautiful ripple effect of our charity’s social impact & SROI. See video & interview below.

City Harvest partners with award-winning 3D animation artist Yanis Georges in collaboration to launch their first Food Report, showing the power of food distribution

The Food Report cover artwork, ‘The Harmonious Rhythm of Generosity’ illustrates the positive ripple effect of City Harvest’s services on society. Yanis’s mesmerising 3D animation and AI / AR artwork represent City Harvest’s network. 

This unique partnership combines art and activism, creating a piece emblematic of Yanis Georges’ distinctive style. ‘The Beauty of Food Redistribution’ includes a series of artworks created using 3D Particle Systems, Data, Augmented Reality (AR), AI technology and photography.  The interactive approach uses AR technology to allow visitors to see the still artwork in animated form, bringing to life how sustainable collaboration can lead to significant social and environmental benefits.

Readers of the physical report are invited to use the Artivive App and hold their phone over the Food Report cover to watch and listen as every City Harvest ‘green thread’ creates a yellow ‘food delivery’ and an immediate pink ripple effect on ‘people’.

This beautifully animated cycle represents City Harvest‘s monthly impact. Yanis’s work – like ours, is beautifully relentless.”