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City Harvest delivers free surplus food to people across London facing food poverty

The Office: Minde
The Office: Minde

City Harvest presents "The Office", our very own series spotlighting...

Your time, money, and food equals a big difference with City Harvest food charity

How can you help?

With City Harvest, your donation EQUALS food for hungry Londoners.​

People we help

Sharing food and nourishing others is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to demonstrate how we care for others.

City Harvest is dedicated to doing this throughout London and beyond. We deliver food to grassroots organisations that serve some of London’s most vulnerable residents, including children via schools, youth projects, religious groups, and more.

By ensuring children have a healthy start to life, we help people thrive not survive. City Harvest’s Community Impact Team provides direction for our food, making sure if gets to the right places at the right time. It is vital for us to maintain close relationships with our recipients, to keep abreast of their needs. Our drivers have regular drop offs and become part of the family for many of our groups and projects across London.

People News

The Office: Minde

The Office: Minde

City Harvest presents The Office, Season 1, Episode 3: ‘Minde’

City Harvest drivers’ office is on the streets of London, where they’re delivering vital free food to 375+ community partners across London, feeding people facing #foodpoverty.