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Planet Report Artwork by Nacoca Ko

Nacoca Ko

Nacoca Ko is an artist and curator based in Geneva, Switzerland. She works with physical materials such as plastics and concrete, generative AI, digital images, and video, as well as virtual and augmented reality designs such as those featured in City Harvest’s Planet Report

Nacoca Ko exhibits in Geneva, Dock-Basel in Basel, and Espace Arlaud, Lausanne, Switzerland. Also UltraSuperNew Gallery in Tokyo, Japan; the New Currents Festival in Santa Fe, NM, USA; CADAF in Paris, France, Mock Jungle in Bologna, Italy; and with Offsite Project in London, along with international exhibitions in the metaverse.

Her work leads us to reflect on how recent technology impacts our psyche, as she explores the collective consciousness, moving between raw matter and virtual worlds, positioning human beings as a pivotal link between nature and technology. @nacoca.ko 

The Planet Report Art looks at the stark contrast between Thriving vs Starving. Sustainable vs Unsustainable business.

Nacoca Ko’s stunning organic spheres contrast The Beauty of Food Redistribution and the toxic inertia of waste.

A third of our planet’s food is wasted, whilst at the same time 1 in 4 people face food poverty and society suffers a multitude of crippling effects. If GHG emissions from food waste were a country it would be the third largest after China and the U.S.

The main report image shows the beautifully transparent 2/3 of the planet as a sustainable ecosystem able to support healthy growth.

The 1/3 of the planet showing decay represents global food waste which happens alongside food poverty and severe malnutrition, costing the planet’s health as well as our own.

Nacoca Ko’s series of 6 stunning images depicts ‘The Beauty of Food Redistribution’.

The circularity of life is robust, and these images convey the very purpose of growing and nurturing food, people, and our planet: to thrive.

Life is at its most beautiful when it thrives.

When our physical and mental health is strong, we have the confidence and security to grow into the best versions of ourselves. We feel supported, with our roots deep within our community. Evolution shows us that cycles allow us to develop and get stronger to adapt, survive and thrive.