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Sky News Reports On The Cost Of Living Crisis

Sky News broadcasting from City Harvest London reporting on the rise in need & decline in funding for charities supporting the food banks. Our head of community impact, Marco Torquati, speaks in this interview.

France TV 20Hour – City Harvest

5 October 2022: 

5 October 2022:

“More and more people rely on foodbanks. In the UK, the number of foodbanks is larger than the number of McDonalds and KFC together. Because of the cost of living crisis the number of new food recipients keeps increasing. 7 million people in the UK skip meals which is 50% more than a year ago.


As a response, foodbanks get organised at an industrial level. In its 13,000 sqf meter City Harvest is operating like a logistics company even if it is a non-for-profit. With 60 employees and 200 volunteers, City Harvest collects surplus food in order to supply 1 million meals every month.”

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Then Dan explains how fast we need to act due to the short shelf life of some of the products we collect. He also explains how the manufacturers are currently reducing their food waste due to the inflation and how challenging it is for us as result due to the increasing demand.

“City Harvest provides food to 350 charities like NKCK.”

Then Melanie from NKCK explains that even it’s a lot already, they need more food being delivered. She explains also that the general situation does not improve and that the need increases. She explains that the government relies completely on foodbanks, the number of people needing food increases and the charities don’t have the capacity to fully answer that need.

The reporter finishes by explaining that due to the lack of political answer to this problem, the government is accused of institutionalizing foodbanks when foodbanks should only be an answer for emergency situations.

Cost of Living Crisis

29 September 2022 

The Evening Standard published this powerful video explaining what City Harvest is doing to prevent food waste, and how essential our free service is during the cost of living crisis. You can also hear our passionate volunteers speaking from the heart. Featuring our head of food, Daniel McAlpine.

The City Harvest Mission

City Harvest has a simple mission:

Rescue surplus food, feed people, and help save the planet.

We are a rapid response emergency service for food. We rescue food, people, and planet.

Watch our dynamic team at work.

City Harvest Recipient Hornbeam Cafe

Featured charity: Hornbeam Cafe

For years City Harvest has delivered free nutritious food to Hornbeam Cafe. They offered a pay what you feel policy pre-covid, for people to access nutritious cooked food. Like most of our charities, Hornbeam became a food bank for people to get food parcels. This supplement allows their budgets to stretch further and get fresh nutritious food to help them thrive and stay strong.

Rescuing Food, People, and the Planet with Barclays

Barclays is giving charities the power to do more thanks to its £100m Covid-19 Community Aid Package. Learn how London charity City Harvest – with support from the bank’s donation – is saving surplus food, and helping people and the planet.


Crystal Palace FC x City Harvest

Providing Food in Lockdown – Palace Kitchen

April 2020 – Crystal Palace Foundation club chefs prepared up to 900 nutritious and nourishing meals a week in the kitchens at Selhurst Park, collected each day and distributed by City Harvest.


City Harvest Recipient Hackney SDA

Featured charity: Hackney Seventh Day Adventist 

For years City Harvest has delivered free nutritious food to Hackney SDA, the food we deliver provides a sense of hope, relief, community care and social contact – crucial to the mental wellbeing of people needing support.


Rapid Food Rescue

Watch what our talented and dedicated team can do in 24 hours!

Our food donors are impressed at how City Harvest rapidly redistributes such a wide range of surplus food to such diverse groups with different needs.


The Simple Solution

The City Harvest story.
Learn about the social role our food plays in helping families, the community and the planet.

“It’s not only about giving someone a bowl of soup, it’s about them sitting next to someone else when they get that bowl of soup and sharing their concerns.”



City Harvest x Saturday Kitchen



The scale and scope of hunger in London, is always confronting. City Harvest has grown in line with the rising need for community charity support. We have rescued food for over 22 million meals and continue to provide free food for 1 million meals a month.

More can easily be done, especially when people see how simple the solution is. Help us do more!