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Oscar J. Ryan

Oscar was drawn to City Harvest by the energy of its people. Making deliveries on the vans and seeing the unique dynamic between City Harvest drivers and recipients moved him to take the photos featured in City Harvest’s People Report.   @0scarjryan

Oscar J Ryan

Commercial Photographer and Director

A series of confronting life-size prints shot in a school playground conveys the size of the issue and the scale of City Harvest’s solution. 1 in 4 children doesn’t eat because the cost of living and food has risen so much that people cannot afford to feed their families and pay bills.

Poor nutrition has an impact on every aspect of people’s lives. Children are particularly vulnerable as ill effects can be lifelong. Malnutrition and rickets are becoming an increasing problem for today’s children. By providing fresh, nutritious food City Harvest’s work has a ripple effect beyond each specific meal.

When schools close for the holidays, families are left unable to feed their children and working parents struggle to find childcare. City Harvest delivers to over 375 community partners such as this school, ensuring no good food is wasted and that it reaches people who need it most.

The Beauty of Food Redistribution

See more of Oscar’s beautiful photography at the ‘The Beauty of Food Redistribution’ Exhibition. Click the button below for more information including dates and venues.