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City Harvest Depot, Jonah

The Artemis Charitable Foundation is one of City Harvest’s earliest and most committed supporters. The fund manager’s foundation has supported us since 2017 and funded a food rescue van for the last three years. To date, the Artemis van has delivered over 2 million meals to Londoners facing food poverty.

“The Artemis Charitable Foundation van is one aspect of our long-term partnership with City Harvest. We are proud to have helped distribute 2.3 million meals in the van and have our colleagues volunteer in Acton.” Derek Stuart, Chair of the Artemis Charitable Foundation.

City Harvest food rescue charity is an efficient logistical solution to astronomical food industry waste and rising food poverty across London and beyond.

By funding a van, organisations can have a direct impact that’s threefold.

  1. Rescuing good food from being wasted.
  2. Rescuing people from experiencing hunger.
  3. Rescuing the planet from carbon emissions created by food waste.

So, by working with City Harvest, organisations can have a significant impact, meet their sustainability goals, and enrich their ESG strategy.

Since 2020, the Artemis Charitable Foundation-funded food rescue van has delivered an immense amount of social and environmental return. Additionally, the supported van has rescued over £4 million worth of good food from being wasted.

Artemis Charitable Foundation's Impact in Numbers

City Harvest needs to keep its vans rolling. Our food rescue vans, and our driver ambassadors who pilot them, are the lifeblood of our charity. Not only do they deliver vital food for grassroots charities, but they deliver hope for those unsure of how they’ll eat. Free food for our charity partners allows them to stretch their budget to offer services like counselling, and employment training.

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