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Featuring interview with Laura Winningham, CEO City Harvest

BBC Earth’s Regeneration food series looks at the environmental impact our food choices and habits have on our planet. Max speaks to game changers who are steering us as consumers and businesses, in new, sustainable directions.

Repurpose. Reuse. Reinvent. BBC Earth’s Regeneration Food with Max la Manna

Featuring: Ben Elliot, Farmer George Thompson Ltd, Olio, City Harvest, Too Good To Go, Doug McMaster, SILO.

City Harvest is featured at 4:32 minutes into the video
City Harvest established in 2014, London’s first last-mile food redistribution charity.
Week 6 of lockdown
10 million meals rescued in 6 years
1 million meals rescued in 6 weeks

Our team rescues surplus food and delivers to those in need. Chilled vans form rapid response units collecting food 7 days a week throughout the capital. Free of charge, City Harvest vans collect and deliver 90,000 meals a week from supermarkets, wholesale markets, manufacturers and the hospitality industry. City Harvest trademark fleet of temperature-controlled vans deliver to over 300 London community programmes including homeless shelters, mental health community projects, family centres, childrens’ programmes, and domestic abuse refuges.

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Since lockdown (week 11) we have put quality surplus food to use in sustainable ways:
      • Our vans have delivered over 1.7 million meals to those in need and facing food poverty, the numbers of which are skyrocketing.
      • Prevented over 2,837 tonnes of greenhouse gases


Food Waste
    • 290,000 tonnes of perfectly drinkable milk is wasted every year in the UK
    • 1.4 million bananas a day are thrown away in the UK
UK Stats
    • 10 million tonnes of food a year is the UK is wasted
    • 8.4 million people struggle to eat
    • 1.5 million adults/ 40,000 kids go hungry in London
    • 13.4 million meals a month are wasted by London businesses
    • 9.2 million meals are missed monthly because of food poverty in London