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Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023:

Feed a London Child this Christmas 

Fighting Food Poverty: City Harvest Delivers 80,000 free meals to Carney’s Community Centre.

In the heart of the United Kingdom, a staggering 1 in 4 households, equivalent to 4 million children, faces the harsh reality of food insecurity. The silent struggle of families battling hunger is a growing crisis – a number that has doubled in just one year. City Harvest, a non-profit organisation playing a pivotal role in combating both food waste and food poverty, redistributes surplus food to over 375 community partners across London.

The Alarming Situation:

Food poverty extends beyond empty stomachs; poor nutrition affects children’s immune systems, stunts physical development, and disrupts classroom dynamics, leading to behavioural issues, concentration problems, and mood swings. New research shows that children who often go hungry are twice as likely to have impulsive, violent behaviour while growing up – and later in life.  By providing fresh, nutritious food City Harvest’s work has a ripple effect beyond each specific meal.

City Harvest’s Impact:

City Harvest is not just a charity, but a lifeline for those in need. Since 2018, the organization has delivered nearly 80,000 free meals to Carney’s Community Centre alone, a testament to its commitment to rescuing food, people, and the planet. Carney’s Community, inspired by boxing legend Mick Carney, has been making a difference in the lives of young people since 2011 via its Fit and Fed programme.

The Unique Approach of Carney’s Community:

Carney’s Community, founded by George Turner and Mark Reigate, has seen a transformative shift since incorporating the food element into its boxing program.

George Turner, Carney’s CEO says, “We were seeing loads of cases from malnutrition, loads of tiredness, but also negative behaviour which I think was born out from the fact that they were hungry, so we saw that there was a huge need.”

Carney’s offers a consistent and trusting relationship that lasts as long as the young person needs it. The result is a more engaged and motivated individual ready to make positive changes in their life.

Supporting the Cause:

City Harvest extends its support beyond Carney’s Community, collaborating with numerous charities to address the widespread issue of food poverty.

Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023: Feed A London Child

This winter, City Harvest aims to deliver 400,000 meals to children and families facing food poverty during the cold winter months. By rescuing surplus food and delivering it free of charge to frontline charities, and organisations such as Carney’s.

As the holiday season approaches, supporting City Harvest’s mission will get us closer to ensuring that no child goes to bed hungry. Together, we can turn the tide on food waste and food poverty, making a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it most. Donate now via the Big Give donate page to double the impact you can have on children facing food poverty. 

Feed A London Child by donating to City Harvest London via the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023