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Our team of drivers will Rescue Christmas for so many this year, delivering free food to those in most need.

City Harvest driver Richard Barker, Rich, or Richie, is known and loved by so many of our charity partners in north and east London. From the Isle of Dogs to Islington, people are glad to be greeted by the familiar face that is Richard.

He is like someone you have known for 40 years, so familiar.Beverley, Hackney SDA (City Harvest Charity Partner)

Rescuing Food, People, and Planet

City Harvest drivers keep our vans rolling and London fed, they are the grafters in our last-mile efforts to rescue food, people, and planet. We are grateful for our team of dedicated drivers who help to Rescue Someone’s Christmas, and every other day of the year.

Richard has been an integral part of our New Spitalfields team for 2 years now, motivated by passion to help rescue food, people, and planet, but you can tell that it’s the people that drive him to do what he does with such compassion.

“Knowing that people are not going hungry makes me feel good and spurs me on to continue to do what we do every day. I know my route like the back of my hand, so now, many of the charities I deliver to feel like family to me now, and it is my priority to help them the best I can.” – Rich

Rich Barker City Harvest Driver

What is your favourite thing about the job?

“I think, if it doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change you. Every day is different, and I love that.”

Tell us about a moment that has moved you whilst delivering to surplus food recipients

“Last Easter, I delivered Easter Eggs to Solace hostel which really made the kids’ Easter, I shed a tear in that moment. It reminded me my own childhood. Things that are seemingly small like that can mean the world to people.”

What does City Harvest mean to you?

“City Harvest has helped me to think differently about food poverty and food waste. I have always loved working here. Loving what you do makes it seem like it isn’t work at all.”

“Richard is just fantastic; he takes care of us, and we cannot complain. He brings everything we need and greets us so warmly, it is never a chore for hum. He is like someone you have known for 40 years, so familiar. He lets us know when he’s coming, gives us time to get ready and is really just so considerate of our needs on a weekly basis. Thank you.” – Beverley, Food Bank coordinator, Hackney SDA

“He is one of the best people ever. He always, always delivers with the best attitude, he is the most helpful. I could spend all day talking about him- he has been utterly brilliant. It is HOW he approaches everything that makes him so wonderful. He takes the time to learn what our project needs, as well as others on his route, so he really gives us a tailored service, and he always goes above and beyond. It is just the best thing working with him.” Hannah Seekings, Lighthouse Project, Hackney

Richard is amazing. He is always smiling, ready to help, bubbly, and good to work with. We love him a lot, he’s a good person. If he’s late, he’ll let us now, which is helpful when running a food bank. All City Harvest drivers are really lovely, and we really appreciate the help they give. Without people like City Harvest, we wouldn’t exist.”Tsedal Menghistu, Coordinator, St Luke’s Food Hub, Islington

Richard delivering fresh food and flowers to charity partners in east London.

Richard embraces the London Community

Richard’s efforts have been acknowledged throughout the London community, especially at St Luke’s Community Centre in Islington in July 2021.

Richard (centre) joined by Carol-Anne (left) who heads the Food Hub at St Luke’s, July 2021

Richard and some of the City Harvest team attended event thrown by St Luke’s to celebrate the great work achieved by both the charity and those who support it. In attendance were the Deputy Mayor, the MP for Islington, St Luke’s Food Hub leader, Carol-Anne, and a number of trustees and volunteers. Richard was a special guest, praised for his tireless efforts delivering food to the community centre. City Harvest received a huge round of applause for the support we have given St Luke’s, topped only by the applause Richard received which was well deserved.