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City Harvest presents “The Office”, our very own series spotlighting the team behind our food rescue mission. Every day brings the very real trials, tribulations and triumphs of working at London’s original food redistribution charity. No day is the same, and rarely without beautiful encounters with our London network of community partners, and providing sustainable solutions to business food waste, and food poverty. 

The Office: Season 1, Episode 4: Marvin

City Harvest drivers’ office is on the streets of London, where they’re delivering vital free food to 375+ community partners across London, feeding people facing food poverty. City Harvest driver Marvin is based out of City Harvest’s west London site in Acton and is on the road daily delivering much-needed food to communities across London in need. Since 2020, Marvin has been building a special rapport with all the charities on his routes. In the last 4 years, he’s covered a lot of ground on his charity drops, covering communities in north, south, west and east London.

The Life and Soul of the Party

Outside of ‘The Office’, Marvin is never far from music. From producing (like this track he made in the 90s) to DJing, Marvin is the life and soul of the party. He’s also a fan of skateboarding and can often be found tearing up the skatepark with his son. 

“Oh, Marvin. He’s brilliant. We’re like brothers. He’s good stuff. Good man.”

City Harvest driver Marvin
City Harvest food charity driver Marvin
City Harvest food charity

Your support means a lot

Without the help of our incredible supporters, our drivers would not be able to do what they do best: deliver free food and hope to over 90,000 Londoners every week. We appreciate any donations to keep our vans rolling and Londoners fed.