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City Harvest provides food for London charity trucks driving to Poland

Since before the pandemic, City Harvest has provided food to Ealing-based charity, Heart Gift Trust. This week they asked for our help to send supplies to Poland for the massive influx of refugees from the war in Ukraine.

City Harvest’s mission is to impact hunger in London and we deliver to a growing number of over 350 charities in the capital. We proved during the pandemic that we can rapidly respond to spikes in need, and our incredible food donors are fast to respond to our team’s requests in times of crisis.

Trucks being loaded for Poland

Heart Gift Trust arrived at the depot at 8am – the driver had driven the Ukrainian-registered truck from Poland overnight. Our team filled the double-trailer truck full of food and essential supplies that amounted to over 20,000 meals.

Drivers destined for Poland

In addition, City Harvest is working with distribution partner Oakland International to offer opportunities to our food donors who want to help support the mounting number of displaced women, children, and elderly with no access to food and essential items.

City Harvest is already helping refugees arriving in London and is poised to support many more.

Food is love, and we give it for free.