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“The homelessness situation has got a lot worse in the past 15 years…”

After a four-year decline in rough sleeping, in part due to initiatives during the pandemic, charities say the recent increase is a result of rising prices, pushing individuals who have never experienced homelessness onto the streets. 

Today, there are 74% more people sleeping rough in the UK than there were in 2010. 

Ian Breen, Manager at Acton Homeless Concern says that the homeless situation has got a lot worse in the past 15 years and the demand and the type of people needing help has changed since the Covid outbreak.   

“We get more families than we did before and families with young children,” says Ian.  

Throughout the pandemic, the ‘Everyone In’ initiative by the government ensured shelter for over 37,000 rough sleepers. Unfortunately, a significant number couldn’t secure permanent homes, leaving them vulnerable to a return to the streets. 

Recent statistics indicate a 35% decrease in the number of people sleeping rough compared to the peak in 2017. However, the concerning reality persists, with the current figure standing at a staggering 74% higher than in 2010, emphasizing the ongoing challenges in addressing homelessness. 

A service user at Acton Homeless Concern says the money that she gets is not enough and “…if it wasn’t for this place, I think I am finished”. 

City Harvest has delivered over 53m meals to charity partners such as Acton Homeless Concern rescuing food, people, and the planet. Since 2018, City Harvest has been a lifeline for those in need. 

“City Harvest gives the clients the nutritional value that they need.”

” […] Not having housing, walking on the streets all day, City Harvest does a lot for us,” says AHC Manager, Ian.  

 Acton Homeless Concern has been making a difference in the lives of people in need for over 35 years by providing individuals with a free hot meal, housing and legal assistance. Some of the initial support may involve necessities such as food, a shower, and a change of clothes.  

Volunteer at City Harvest and make an instant impact on someone’s life – We are experts in making a little go a long way.

We are experts in making a little go a long way.

Every £1 donated equals free food for 4 meals that we can deliver. Become part of our family – helping London and meeting so many incredible people along the way