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London is facing a humanitarian crisis with food poverty spiking throughout the capital.

What is the Livery Food Initiative?

The Livery Food Initiative was established by the Livery Charity Chairs Group. A group of London Livery Companies worked with City Harvest food charity throughout COVID-19, helping to feed Londoners in crisis. As rates of food poverty have risen exponentially since the pandemic, The London Liveries recognised that they could have even more impact if they collaborated.


  • The Livery Food Initiative aims to reduce food poverty.
  • LCCG launched the Livery Food Initiative, partnering with City Harvest.
  • City Harvest rescues food that is going to waste and delivers it to over 375 charities across London.
  • More City Harvest vans are needed to deliver food in and around the City.
  • We are asking all Livery Charities to give what they can over the next three years.
Elena Oderstone, Junior Warden of the Fuellers company, summits Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for food charity, City Harvest
The Worshipful Company of Fuellers supports City Harvest food charity and the Livery Food Initiative

Thank you, Worshipful Company of Fuellers

The Fuellers form part of the Livery Food Initiative that has raised just over £185K to fund its first food rescue van. A massive thank you to Elena Oderstone, Junior Warden of the Fuellers company, who summited Mt Kilimanjaro in March 2023 to fundraise for City Harvest via the Livery Food Initiative.

Since summiting, Elena, alongside Chloe Andrews-Jones, Chair of the Fuellers Charitable Trust Fund, went on the food rescue van to deliver food to some of City Harvest’s West London charity recipients.

The van trip with City Harvest driver, Alwyn, delivering to a food bank running out of Gibbs Green estate in West Kensington left a lasting impression on the ladies. 

It’s made a big impact on me to see how it’s really real. I know that sounds ridiculous. But, you hear about it. You read about it. You don’t actually feel it until you see it.

I think what struck me today more than anything was seeing real need. We all hear a lot on the media about food poverty. We hear politicians talking about it and trying to find ways to solve it, but it doesn’t necessarily exist in real life unless you see it yourself. And that’s something that Elena and I saw today.

Chloe Andrews-Jones

Chair of the Fuellers Charitable Trust Fund, The Worshipful Company of Fuellers

It’s so inspiring to see how efficient City Harvest London is in their work, and I was greatly also inspired by the deep relationship and long-term relationship between City Harvest and food banks, and also shops and supermarkets which support them.

Elena Oderstone

Junior Warden, The Worshipful Company of Fuellers

Thank you, Worshipful Company of Fuellers, and to all of the London Livery Companies who form part of the Livery Food Initiative. Your impact is real.

The Livery Food Initiative

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