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City Harvest plant-based meat alternative food partner, Moving Mountains helps rescue food, people, and the planet. In donating its quality surplus, the vegan brand can cut costs and meaure its social and environmental impact, especially when the team comes to volunteer at City Harvest’s Acton depot.

We caught up with Eleanor Faragher-Siddal, Senior Marketing Executive at Moving Mountains, to find out why they work with City Harvest, and how it benefits the food company.

City Harvest is a great solution for Moving Mountains from a mission and social standpoint, but also as part of our business strategy.

Why does Moving Mountains work with City Harvest?

Like City Harvest, at Moving Mountains, we have three goals; our three mountains that we are trying to move, for us they involve Taste, the Environment, and Health.

As part of our environment mountain, we try to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible, and one thing we can do as a food company is try and reduce the waste in our supply chains, warehouses, restaurants, stores, and once our products enter homes. It is one reason why our products are frozen and why we work with City Harvest to donate our excess stock.

Since we started working with City Harvest, we have donated over 2 tonnes of surplus food that would have otherwise gone to landfill. Preventing over 8 tonnes of green house gases from entering the environment and creating over 5,000 meals for communities across London.

So, when we work with City Harvest, we know nothing will go to waste. We know that the stock is going to those people who need it most, and we are doing our part to ensure we stick to our mission to minimise our environmental impact whenever possible.

For us, working with City Harvest is a no-brainer and we encourage all our fellow food brands to do the same if they can!

How is City Harvest a solution for Moving Mountains?

City Harvest is a great solution for Moving Mountains from a mission and social standpoint, but also as part of our business strategy. Not only is City Harvest an incredible charity doing vital work, but they are also aligned with our brand values, and help us to tackle issues in our own supply chain, relating to logistics, stock storage, and food waste.

The team is extremely helpful, reliable, and accommodating. If we have stock they will collect it, big or small, and when we work with City Harvest, we have a safe and efficient solution to avoid food waste and make sure it makes it to those who need it and will get the best use
out of it.

If we didn’t work with City Harvest or a similar partner, we would have to pay to throw food away. That was not a solution that worked for us as a brand, the planet, or people up and down the country dealing with the cost-of-living crisis and struggling to access the food and nutrition they need.

Coming down and getting the chance to volunteer is the perfect full circle for us as a team and as a brand, seeing the amazing work City Harvest do up close in person a reminder of how essential their work is and reassure us again that all the food is all going to good places.