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City Harvest is part of the fabric of London.

Our staff, drivers, recipients and food donors, weave wonderfully together, creating a support net, to help raise Londoners up. What better way to celebrate our new depot’s white walls, than with 2 epic London artists, a ladder and a back-pack of spray cans.

Connected to the streets of London, every day, City Harvest drivers deliver food to those who need help. Nathan and Harry’s street art installation celebrates London, the people that make it great and tells the story of what we do. Although we have come a long way from our first van in 2016, our roots are still deep within the streets of London.

Nathan Bowen and Harry Blackmore came to see the new depot and transformed the white walls into an urban art installation depicting our City Harvest staff, drivers and vans in the city we serve, London.

Harry worked with Nathan adding his trademark colour and style. Our new depot allows us to feed so many more people, connecting with more food donors and giving volunteers and partners a vibrant place to come and spend time helping fellow Londoners.

Our fab volunteer engagement guru, Kathyrn launched the new ‘Harvest 100’ celebrating volunteers who have spent 100 hours or more with us. How much do their pink hi-vis ‘pop’ against the mural?


Community centres and groups often offer support to the vulnerable in their communities. Nathan used to go to play schemes and scouts, in south east London, Catford, which meant a lot to him.

“The scouts was important to me, I enjoyed the adventures and trips, learning bushcraft and non curriculum subjects.”

I worked as a youth worker and we put on events in estates and community spaces for the local people. Food was always supplied but it was made by the community in their own kitchens, this was innovative but hard, a food bank would definitely have been useful.


Nathan Bowen is a guerrilla street artist, he actively works as an art vigilante, seeking for dull, lifeless spaces around London, also describing himself as the ‘Artistic Gangster’, Nathan has a lawless approach to street art. By openly using his imagination he transforms these old walls, creating new and inspiring works of art. His style is unique, fast, dynamic and unpredictable, his signature characters known as ‘The Demons’ invade building site hoardings all over London, using the streets as his own gallery.

In 2012, Nathan starred on the BBC television show ‘The Apprentice’, where the contestants had to sell his art work in a pop up gallery as part of an urban art challenge. Since then Nathan has spread his love for art worldwide, painting internationally, keeping his ideas fresh and edgy, reminding people that there is no limit to your imagination, just be creative and free.