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Sky News Italia speaks to City Harvest food charity’s Head of Community Impact, Marco Torquati, about the startling levels of food poverty amongst Londoners this Christmas, and to CEO, Sarah Calcutt, on the economic crisis and what this means for the charity’s demand.

“And Christmas is just around the corner and it will be much more difficult for the vast majority of Britons, as reported by the Financial Times, the dinner will cost 10% more and according to a survey commissioned by the Salvation Army, two-thirds of the British fear they do not have enough money to organize it. 

“City Harvest is a charity organization in London that takes care of collecting excess food, often discarded by supermarkets due to trivial questions of shape or color, and redistributes it to the so-called food banks that deliver it to people who literally struggle to put meals on the table.”

Tiziana Prezzo, Sky News TG24 – London