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Supporting local children with free food 

City Harvest community partner, the Feathers Association, is a Marylebone-based youth hub geared towards extracurricular enrichment, supporting children of all ages with homework help, free activities, and free food. Sharlene, Taqifa and the team pour their hearts into providing the best possible opportunities for the kids, and parents, they support and have a laugh while doing it.

Feathers is family; food is family. Our community partners are so much more than centres, hubs, banks or projects; they’re families. Families who look out for each other, feed each other and love each other. City Harvest has an extended family of over 375 communities who do their best for the people they support, and we’re so grateful.

“Feathers is Family”

“It just means family for me because despite, you know, you have differences, you have your days where they have an argument with one and you fall out. But we’ve always got each other’s backs, from the staff down to the kids. We’re family, even though we’re not related by blood. Blood doesn’t necessarily mean family.”

It’s how we create: we sit together, we eat together, we laugh together, we cry together. We are here to support the kids in the best way that we know how. And the staff are amazing. They do an amazing job.” – Sharlene

Help Feed London Families

1 in 4 households with children face food poverty this winter, as food prices remain high and the heating comes on. Please help City Harvest to distribute more nutritious food to London families in need.