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Every hour spent volunteering at City Harvest delivers 530 meals

Volunteers are the beating heart of City Harvest and we would not be able to rescue and deliver free food at the scale we do without our thriving community of volunteers. This Volunteer Week, and always, we want to say thank you to all those who contribute their precious time. 

For every hour spent volunteering, City Harvest can deliver 530 meals to charities feeding their communities. City Harvest’s EQUALS campaign demonstrates the impact anyone can have – especially when it comes to volunteering time.

City Harvest food charity volunteers

100% of City Harvest volunteers recommend it as a volunteering experience

Our current volunteer community is diverse and incredible. Joining City Harvest’s operation for a number of reasons, including:

  • a passion for issues surrounding food poverty and food waste
  • an interest in meeting new people in a social environment
  • to grow in confidence and learn new skills to transfer into the workplace
  • to get fit in a comfortably physical environment 

No matter what their individual reason for getting involved, City Harvest volunteers are united in their enjoyment of the experience, and drive to do good.

According to our latest volunteer survey, 100% of City Harvest volunteers said that they would recommend it as a volunteering experience.    

Our volunteers come back again and again, and here’s why:

“I was actually volunteering at FoodCycle, so I was curious about where their surplus food came from (City Harvest). With the cost-of-living crisis, it’s never been more necessary to redistribute surplus to people who need it. It’s nice to do something active, and together, as part of a community. There’s such a great mix of people who you can chat with; young and old. We’re all committed to a cause together. Food is a connector of people.”


“City Harvest gives you the opportunity to do something quite simple that adds so much value to the community. Food is something that we’re all connected to one way or another, and at City Harvest you can see part of the world of food that you wouldn’t normally get to see. It gives you that extra level of awareness. It’s rare to be around people working very hard but who are always positive about that, and they turn something inherently negative into positive action.



“Volunteering at City Harvest means that I can do my bit to help distribute surplus food to people who urgently need it. It is a great place to volunteer, and I am happy to be  part of Team City Harvest.




“I just want to help people and reduce waste. People here a great. It’s super fun. It’s also a great workout – and a lot cheaper than the gym!

Tim S


I love to come and do my bit at City Harvest. I have met some great people and walk away from my slots feeling like I have really made an impact during the hours I give.”



“Volunteering at City Harvest is a fantastic thing to do. We roll our sleeves up and help people every day by sorting food that would otherwise be wasted, and we have fun while doing it. What’s not to like.”



“A friend recommended City Harvest as a good cause and something I’d enjoy doing. She was right!”


See what your impact EQUALS

Your time is precious, and even more precious when spent with us. Every hour you spend sorting surplus EQUALS 530 meals destined for our network of charity partners.