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Our volunteers keep City Harvest alive and London fed

Here at City Harvest, we love to celebrate our wonderful volunteers! There are so many ways in which we invite our volunteers to get involved with us to help in our mission to fight food poverty and food waste. Not only can volunteers provide support for us onsite in our warehouses and on our vans, but we love to find ways for our volunteers to contribute their amazing knowledge and skills! If you have any skills that you would be interested in offering towards our cause, we would love to hear from you:

Our brilliant volunteers are the invaluable life force behind what we do at City Harvest. With teamwork and compassion, they bring smiles and energy to every shift, spreading the spirit of community and love across London. They are the packers and sorters, the loaders and porters, that keep our vans rolling and London eating. Against all odds, and throughout such uncertain times as these, we can be sure that our volunteers are the heroes that show us that kindness truly is powerful!

Some of our ‘Harvest Hundred’ volunteers showing us how it’s done in our new depot.

City Harvest is proud to boast an army of loyal volunteers from all walks of life, who don their Hi-vis and roll their sleeves up every day to help to feed London. We have delivered over 17 million meals to date and we owe so much of this achievement to our vital volunteers.

Volunteer queen

Kathryn Marshall, our amazing Volunteer Engagement Manager, goes above and beyond to constantly improve the City Harvest volunteer experience, welfare and is an all-round volunteer queen. Having started at City Harvest as a volunteer, Kathryn knows more than anyone how volunteers are the vital arteries helping City Harvest London’s beating heart, to provide life essentials to those in need.

“Over the last year which has been filled with uncertainty and has felt like the world has been turned upside down, one thing we are absolutely certain of is that there is still so much kindness in our city, given daily by our wonderful volunteers. Without them, we couldn’t do what we do! We are so appreciative of everyone who gives their time to make our work happen” – Kathryn

Why City Harvest volunteers love what they do:


Everything about the charity’s work makes the heart sing. The people, the mission, the donors, the trustees, and the recipients. Charities are all about mission and people. And it’s these two aspects of City Harvest’s role in London life that I feel very excited to have been a part of since April this 2020.” – Rachael


“People may think we are mad, thinking we can change the world, but it’s all about putting a little brick in.” David

“Love love love volunteering at City Harvest! I detest food waste and City Harvest is doing an incredible job. The volunteers are great to work with and I observe amazing teamwork. We have wonderful supportive staff members. There’s a great atmosphere at City Harvest! I’m sure I echo all the volunteers!”Mayrose

Ellie & friend

“I started volunteering in June after moving back to London from Canada. I wanted to make a difference to those in need – City Harvest is great! I love getting to meet new people and also see familiar smiley faces every week. I have enjoyed bringing along friends, housemates, cousins – City Harvest is a great way to keep in touch whilst doing something for the community! Thanks Ruby, Ainsley, Kathryn and everyone for making me feel so welcome each week!”Ellie


“I found out about City Harvest when looking to find a way to help the community during the lockdown. I am currently furloughed from my job in the theatre industry, which has obviously been struck pretty hard this past year, so I’ve been keen to make the most of the time while venues have been forced to close.

Volunteering at City Harvest has been an absolute lifeline – not only because they do such incredible work to ensure those most in need throughout London are given good-quality, fresh produce, but also because they have provided a welcoming, friendly and fulfilling environment to spend my daytimes. Every day is different and exciting, and made all the more enjoyable knowing how much of an impact it’s having on the people who really need it.” – Josh


“I was introduced to CH by one of my good friends who has volunteered for a while. I’m in awe of what happens every time I walk in the door for a shift. There is such a buzz about the place – cheery staff and volunteers, brilliant produce and donations of the most amazing and diverse things. I get a real sense of achievement when we get everything crated up ready to go out. Knowing that the few hours I put in can make a bit of a difference has become a hugely important part of my life during lockdown – what a privilege to be able to do it.” Sue


Ruby Box is our Assistant Warehouse Manager and oversees daily activity in our depot, making sure everything runs smoothly and the volunteers are looked after and kept busy. Ruby, like Kathryn, is integral to the City Harvest operation, ensuring everyone is happy, safe and that London gets fed!

Both of our queens, Ruby & Kathryn, started as volunteers themselves and are doing such amazing work in the warehouse, creating a family atmosphere for volunteers who are key to running our powerhouse depot to feed London.

This US Volunteer Week we’d also like to celebrate our corporate volunteers who volunteer as teams to do their bit for people & planet. We have had teams of employees from a whole host of different sectors volunteer in our depot and welcome enrichment through volunteering inside and outside of the warehouse.

Our volunteers have fun: pictured at Unit 22, a group of volunteers including Romina from William Blair, one of our corporate partners