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Doing a ‘whole lot of good’ with City Harvest 

City Harvest is a sustainable solution to industry surplus. Our partners span the UK food industry and take pride in being part of a solution that feeds people, rather than landfill, with quality food.

West London-based fresh produce business, Wholegood, is an example of a valued partner that has diverted surplus stock to people in need via City Harvest since 2018. We spoke to Wholegood Founder, and new City Harvest Food Council member, Carl Saxton-Pizzie about the value of the partnership, and the immense impact it has on people and planet.

“Since inception, we’ve needed a partner that is able to help us move that surplus to people that need it, in a timeframe that works.”

“Being in London, and knowing that lots of people are going hungry is kind of heartbreaking when you do have surplus food in your business.”

We started working with City Harvest in 2018. I think that one of the benefits for Wholegood, especially, is that being in fresh produce and being in a business where we turn around so much produce really quickly, we’ve always needed, since inception, a partner that can help us move that surplus to people that need it in a timeframe that works.

Being in London, and knowing that lots of people are going hungry is heartbreaking when you do have surplus food in your business. Getting it to those people quickly and efficiently is when a partnership with a charity like City Harvest is really needed.

Being able to distribute the food that quickly, to the people that need it, is extremely valuable for Wholegood.

Knowing that since we started in 2018, we’ve donated over 600,000 meals to people that need them really really fills us with joy at Wholegood. We’re a business that really believes in purpose.

Without City Harvest, the idea that that would have gone for waste in terms of anaerobic digestion, creating compost, whatever, OK it’s not landfill, but it’s not people.

Knowing that we can actually feed people with what would have otherwise gone to waste is incredible for us. It really means that we can say that there’s a purpose throughout the business. So, even at the point where we’ve got produce we can no longer sell, we know it goes to people that need it.

Carl Saxton-Pizzie, Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Wholegood

Looking out for people and the planet

With the support of surplus food partners like Wholegood, City Harvest can deliver the right food, to the right people, at the right time. Free, nutritious food has never been more in demand. Together with our partners in the food industry, we’re tackling the huge societal issues of food poverty, and food waste. Just give us a call!

Wholegood fresh produce company has donated over 600,000 meals worth of surplus food to City Harvest

Operations Director, Mark Ensor-Whiteman has also joined City Harvest’s Food Council.

“Working with City Harvest helps us to fulfil our value to people as a business. As part of the Food Council, I think Carl and I can use our industry expertise to help make a real difference.” – Mark Ensor-Whiteman

Got Surplus?

If you’re a food business looking to sustainably redistribute your industry surplus, get in touch with City Harvest’s food team. We can help to solve surplus issues from anywhere in your supply chain.