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Wimbledon Foundation was awarded a sustainability green plaque by City Harvest for its food donations to the surplus food charity.

City Harvest at Centre Court, proudly launching ‘Vandy Murray’, the newest special-edition van of our vibrant fleet, supported by the Wimbledon Foundation.

Part of the Fabric of London: The Wimbledon Foundation’s relationship with City Harvest began in 2018 and in 2019 we awarded AELTC a green plaque for best sports event food donor. When COVID-19 hit in 2020-21, the AELTC opened their kitchens to cook meals for City Harvest to deliver to communities across London. Learn more about the history of our partnership below.


City Harvest awards Wimbledon Foundation CEO, Richard Lewis, with a green sustainability plaque to recognise their support.

City Harvest awards a green plaque for ‘Best Sports Event Food Donor’ to AELTC Chief Exec, Richard Lewis, a great supporter of City Harvest’s mission.



Wimbledon AELTC cooked emergency meals for City Harvest food redistribution charity to deliver during COVID-19.

The Covid-19 pandemic propels City Harvest, and London, into crisis mode as levels of food poverty hit a worrying high. In the first week, Ulrika from Wimbledon Foundation called us desperate to help us help London.

Photo: meals prepared by the AELTC  delivered by City Harvest during the Covid 19 Pandemic. St Michael’s Church, Southfields. Credit: AELTC/Ben Queenborough.


Wimbledon AELTC kitchens opened up during COVID-19 to prepare meals for City Harvest food rescue charity to deliver to communities across London.

AELTC opened their kitchens and cooked ready meals for City Harvest to deliver to London charities. Covid-19 went on longer than anyone had expected, and so did Wimbledon’s support.

Sodexo, Wimbledon’s catering partner, has been a long-lasting surplus food donor for City Harvest and diverts surplus from various events.


The Wimbledon Foundation supports one of our food rescue vans. We created a special edition design as a celebration of our partnership with the iconic London landmark. Brilliantly named by the Foundation’s trustees, Vandy Murray, will deliver food for people everyday bringing hope in times of darkness.


City Harvest driver Marvin Clarke, Head of Wimbledon Foundation Paige Murphy, and City Harvest CEO Sarah Calcutt at Wimbledon Centre Court with newly branded Wimbledon-supported food rescue van.

In March 2023, superstar Marvin drove the van to gate 5, and it was unveiled at Wimbledon Foundation’s Annual Reception. 90 other charities were present – many of whom we provide free food to. 

Your support is invaluable.

Learn about how you can support City Harvest by speaking with our fundraising team.