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by Chris Baber, Chef & City Harvest Food Council Member

Serves 6 / 50 minutes

“This Middle Eastern-inspired veggie recipe looks epic served ona platter in the middle of the table. Za’atar is a blend of herbs and spices with a nice zing to it. If you want a touch of indulgence, add some butter to the rice when it’s cooked to take it up a notch and give it a rich, luxurious flavour.”

Extracted from Easy by Chris Baber (Ebury Press, £16.99) Photography by Haarala Hamilton


  • 3 aubergines, cut in half lengthways
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 8 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, plus extra for drizzling
  • 6 tbsp za’atar, plus 2 tsp to serve
  • 6 tbsp plain yoghurt
  • 1 small bunch of mint leaves, chopped
  • 200g pomegranate seeds
  • Salt and pepper

For the rice: 

  • 600g basmati rice
  • 2 tbsp cumin seeds
  • 2 large onions, thinly sliced
  • Butter (optional) 


  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C/180°C fan.
  2. Use a sharp knife to make a criss-cross pattern on the inside of each aubergine half, about 1cm deep. 
  3. Lay the aubergines on a baking tray. Pour half the lemon juiceover the cut side of the aubergines. Drizzle all over with
    6 tbsp oil, season with salt and pepper and scatter over 6 tbsp za’atar. Use your hands to rub the oil and za’atar all over the
    aubergines, getting it into the grooves.
  4. Give the aubergines a final drizzle of oil and roast for about 45 minutes until soft and slightly charred on top.
  5. To make the rice, weigh the rice in a measuring jug or mug. (You will need 2 x the volume of boiling water to rice for
    cooking later, so 1 mug of rice = 2 mugs of water.)
  6. Put the rice into a sieve, rinse under cold running water until the water runs clear, then set aside. Boil the kettle.
  7. Heat the remaining 2 tbsp oil in a large saucepan over amedium–high heat and add the cumin seeds. When they sizzle,
    add the onions with a good pinch of salt and fry for 5 minutes until golden.

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