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Zapp: ‘The partnership is helping us reach our sustainability goals’

City Harvest’s rapid delivery donor Zapp helps to rescue food, people & planet, and meet its sustainability goals by diverting short-shelf-life stock. Supply Chain Manager, Philine, showed City Harvest around the St John’s Wood store this year. Philine explains how the partnership helps the business to meet its sustainability goals and improve its customer-focused offering.

City Harvest rapid delivery food partner, Zapp, supports the food charity

The rapid food delivery company’s Finchley Road store is one of the London sites that support City Harvest with surplus stock.

City Harvest helps to distribute Zapp short-shelf-life stock

At Zapp, we work hard to ensure that we only stock what we can sell, however, this is not always possible, specifically for short-shelf-life food such as fruit and vegetables, or ready meals.

By partnering with City Harvest, we can ensure that all of the unsold food goes to the people that need it the most. It also has a positive impact on our local community. For example, on Sundays, usually quite a difficult day to distribute food, it is very helpful because City Harvest can directly pick up from our distribution centre and deliver the short-shelf-life food to the local refugee charity helping those people that actually need it the most.

Food production is a big contributor to carbon emissions, meaning that food waste is especially unkind on the planet. At Zapp, we work hard to keep our direct emissions as low as possible and deliver all orders in recyclable bags.

By choosing to donate surplus food to City Harvest, the partnership is helping us reach our own sustainability goals and help support thousands of people across London experiencing food poverty.

Supporting local communities, and being mindful of how we impact the planet, isn’t just the right thing to do, but it’s also what our customers expect from us. At Zapp, we try to build the most customer-focused offering in the sector and partnering with City Harvest has helped with that.

Looking out for people and the planet

With the support of food donors like Zapp, City Harvest can deliver the right food, to the right people, at the right time. Free, nutritious food has never been more in demand. Together with our partners in the food industry, we’re tackling the huge societal issues of food poverty, and food waste.

Got Surplus?

If you’re a food business looking to sustainably redistribute your industry surplus, get in touch with City Harvest’s food team. We can help to solve surplus issues from anywhere in your supply chain.