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“At the heart of the certification, is our ongoing work with City Harvest.”

City Harvest B-Corp partner, Holy Moly, achieved B-Corp certification in August 2022. The brand’s impact has been threefold on food, people, and the planet since beginning the partnership with City Harvest in 2021.

In keeping with this year’s B-Corp Month theme, #WeGoBeyond, the dips brand truly does go beyond by supporting City Harvest in three key ways:

  • Supplying surplus to avoid wasting perfectly good produce.
  • Volunteering on a regular basis at City Harvest’s Acton food rescue depot.
  • Donating monthly grocery shops of items needed by charity recipients.

Holy Moly goes beyond to help rescue people and the planet

“To date, we have rescued 10.8 tonnes of surplus food waste and redirected it to City Harvest, delivered over 25,000 meals and prevented over 40 tonnes of CO2e emissions.”

Part of being a B-Corp is making a positive impact to both people and the planet, and our work with City Harvest works across these areas to both reduce the impact of food waste on the planet and also work with local communities in need.”

City Harvest caught up with Co-Founder, Tom Walker, on the partnership and how it adds values to the brand and team. He also tells us how working with City Harvest has contributed to the business’ B-Corp accreditation. 

Holy Moly lives the B-Corp values with City Harvest

“We’re a dips brand that makes guacamole, hummus, salsa, that sell via retailers across the country. We’ve been working with City Harvest since 2021, and it’s a really important partnership for us. In August 2022, Holy Moly became a B-Corp and it’s something that we’re hugely proud of.”

“Our relationship with City Harvest has been key as a part of that certification. A key part of what we do is that we donate any surplus products to City Harvest. As a chilled food business this is super important because there’s risk in supply chain that product will go out-of-date. We share a value in minimising food waste, and we are constantly innovating to reduce levels of waste. We use technology to give it a longer shelf-life which means that it’s less likely to go out-of-date before it’s eaten.”

“Working with City Harvest and ensuring that anything that’s at risk of going to waste is redirected to be turned into meals has been absolutely key, and it has certainly helped gain that certification. For us, as a team, it’s something that we can see in practice when we come to volunteer, and hop on the deliver vans. It’s hugely valuable.”

“Beyond B-Corp, there’s a huge amount of value in our partnership with City Harvest. A key one for me is the impact on the team. We as a team get huge value in volunteering, and in seeing our product being used and not wasted. It’s amazing to contribute to improving the quality of life for local communities with nutritious food. For us, this is just the beginning of our partnership and our journey with City Harvest. We see that partnership getting deeper as we’re contributing more in terms of surplus food items, volunteering, and any other way in which we can support.”

Got Surplus?

If you’re a food business looking to sustainably redistribute your industry surplus, get in touch with City Harvest’s food team. We can help to solve surplus issues from anywhere in your supply chain.