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City Harvest helps food brands to go beyond

This B-Corp Month, we are shining the light on our B-Corp partners, how they help City Harvest rescue food, people, and the planet, and, how City Harvest helps purpose-led brands on their sustainability journey.

The B-Corp certification goes beyond ticking a box. It is integral that brands go beyond and pursue a more impactful path. With City Harvest, food businesses can deliver immense impact, and action the changes they want to see: reducing food waste, reducing their carbon footprint, and helping to feed people in need.

Food businesses are working increasingly harder to ensure that their social and environmental responsibility influences their business decisions, and becoming B-Corp is “widely considered the gold standard for sustainable business”, as City Harvest Food Council member, Frank Bandura, puts it:

“[B-Corps] voluntarily meet the highest social and environmental performace standards- undergoing rigorous third-party vetting of their working practices […] They are shifting the narrative around what it means for the food industry to be truly sustainable – and in doing so, they are providing the sector with a more responsible roadmap for the future”

This year’s B-Corp month theme is #WeGoBeyond. City Harvest’s B-Corp partners go beyond with every surplus food donation, fundraising event, and team volunteering shift.

City Harvest’s B-Corp Partners

Over the next month, you’ll become acquainted with some of our B-Corp partners and how they work with City Harvest. Here are some of our planet-minded partners:


allplants is an ‘Outstanding’-certified B-Corp due to the work it does in the local community with City Harvest, as well as being a plant-based, healthy meals brand with a planet-positive outlook. City Harvest has recently helped allplants to distribute 1000s of meals to children during the school holidays to combat holiday hunger.

Holy Moly

Holy Moly certified as B-Corp in November 2022, and have been working with City Harvest since 2021. Holy Moly’s partnership with City Harvest provides impact in 3 ways: by providing surplus products from its supply chain, by donating a monthly grocery shop to help fulfil City Harvest charity recipients’ needs for certain food items, and by volunteering as a team in our Acton warehouse.

Belazu Ingredients Co

Belazu was one of City Harvest’s orginal surplus partners, and even helped with the distiribution of surplus food to our charity partners in City Harvest’s early days. The artisanal ingredients manufacturer puts planet first in its ethical and sustainable sourcing of ingredients, and people first via the Belazu Foundation, and long-term work with City Harvest.


yf (formerly known as Young Foodies) nurtures a community of innovative, high-growth FMCG brands and was certified as a B-Corp in 2022. By being part of a purpose-led network, yf brands have sustainability written into their brand values from the onset, and many work with City Harvest to redistribute their surplus stock.