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City Harvest and PIE Factory have joined forces to sustainably promote the prevention of food waste and address food poverty.

PIE Factory is the world’s first and only Experiential Agency and Social Enterprise, creating experiences that help shape a better world.

City Harvest partners with PIE Factory for sustainable event solutions.

City Harvest loves working with organisations that ensure people and planet are at the forefront of all business decisions. The B Corp ethos creates genuine alignments with businesses looking to help one another achieve a shared goal. City Harvest is a sustainable solution for companies who need to avoid food waste, and PIE Factory is a sustainable solution for adaptable and reusable event displays.

“PIE Factory created a really impressive solution to what seemed an impossible brief. Being a charity with minimal budget for events and the need to provide updated and current campaign messaging wherever we go, PIE Factory ticked every box with this design.” Fiona Hollis, Head of Communications at City Harvest.

Lee Cooper, Mathilda Della Torre PIE Factory Fiona Hollis City Harvest

PIE Factory’s design incorporates an old light wall frame, banner graphics made from waste plastic bottles and low energy LED lighting. The light wall frame is easily packed up and transported in bags made from old exhibition banners by Event Cycle, another company doing great things in this space.

“PIE Factory is an agency that creates Positive Impact Experiences for global brands and then uses its profits to create Positive Impact Experiences for local communities. We are proud to be able to support City Harvest in a small way and amplify their incredible mission of re-distributing food that would otherwise be wasted.”

Mathilda Della Torre, Community Manager at PIE Factory.

City Harvest at IFE

B Corp News

What is a B Corp?
What is a B Corp?

What is a B Corp? Learn what it means to be B-Corp certified & how City Harvest helps businesses on their B-Corp journey through this case study with partner, Collectiv Food.

WRAP CEO Harriet Lamb supports City Harvest
WRAP CEO Harriet Lamb supports City Harvest

WRAP CEO, Harriet Lamb, endorses City Harvest’s mission to rescue food, people and the planet.

“It makes good business sense to partner with organisations like City Harvest – it means that companies can meet their commitment to reduce carbon emissions and to reduce food waste.”