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A bank with sustainability at its core supports City Harvest London

Rabobank: a Corporate Partnership Helping to Rescue Food, People, and the Planet with City Harvest.

Will Jennings, CEO/General Manager of Rabobank UK  

“I am very proud to be stood by the Rabobank – City Harvest delivery van.

Rabobank is incredibly proud to be part of the City Harvest family and support the work that’s done here. It’s probably never been more in need to do what the guys do here – whether it’s distributing excess food, but also supporting communities that need that food.

Our partnership with City Harvest is fully aligned with who we are as an organisation, as Rabobank. We have a heritage and history in farming and agriculture, we are a farmer-led cooperative, in our DNA, and that cooperative value is something that we hold very dear.

For our staff to be able to come in and see first-hand and be part of living those values, and delivering those values, is an important part. We’ve had many Rabobank volunteers come to help at City Harvest in recent months, and it has been a fantastic experience, and a chance for them to really see the impact Rabobank has.

We’re incredibly optimistic about the impact that we can have on London, and on society generally, with every delivery we make, every volunteer we put in line, and every van we have on the road. We can make a difference, not just to managing food waste, and the excess that comes from it, but also making a difference in our local community here in the city.”

Rabobank has sponsored a City Harvest van for 3 years, helping City Harvest nourish people facing food poverty across London.

A trip down memory lane

Rabobank UK CEO, Will Jennings, hopped on a food delivery van with City Harvest driver and ambassador, Cliff Dorant, to his usual charity drop in Ladbroke Grove. By chance, the two discovered they were both born and bred in ‘the Grove’ and spent the morning comparing notes and names about their old stomping ground.

A nostalgic Will, delighted to see the Rabobank van would be supporting his childhood neighbourhood, helped Cliff to deliver vital surplus food to community projects in W10 and W11. Full circle.

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