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Working to alleviate Holiday Hunger

City Harvest believes in the right to food. Healthy and nutritious food is essential for child development, both physical and mental, and should be accessible to all. Since January, food insecurity has doubled, with more than 4 million children living in households with inadequate access to food.

City Harvest’s operation works tirelessly to help fill the gaps, supporting children who can’t afford to eat by providing free food to 375+ charity partners across London.

This half-term, City Harvest, part of the Free School Meals campaign, has partnered with vegan ready meal brand, allplants, to deliver 4,000 meals to our charity partners feeding hungry children in the school holidays, and all year round, as part of its ‘(Not at) School Dinners’ campaign.

With the cost-of-living crisis seriously limiting access to good food and forcing many households to change the way they cook and eat due to rising energy bills, healthy ready meals can save time and money for families, and provide a well-balanced meal for children who otherwise might not eat.


Nourishing Children throughout our Community

City Harvest driver, Alwyn, with Beatrice, Programme Manager at Shepherd’s Bush Families Project.

Shepherd’s Bush Families Project, W12

One of our first charity partners, Shepherd’s Bush Families Project is a haven for children and families during the holidays and term-time. The project provides free meals, activities, and support for local low-income families and fervently upholds a duty of care to its recipients.  

“We have many families with several children living in very small temporary accommodation, who desperately need the relief of some safe play space and a chance to meet other parents often experiencing similar challenges. We appreciate the weekly visit from our City Harvest driver who cares deeply about getting children and families the right food.”  

Loughborough Children’s Centre, SW9

City Harvest driver, Gabby, (right) with Jackie from Loughborough Children’s Centre (left)

Loughbourough Children’s Centre works with vulnerable and low-income families, to support with children’s health and education. The centre offers emergency support, as well as ongoing family support. The free food provided by City Harvest is distributed throughout the community, and is also used to help teach families about healthy eating, and cooking on a low budget.

“Our families really look forward to Mondays when we get food from City Harvest, it determines what they’ll cook that week, using whatever we can provide them with. For the kids, we prioritise offering healthy food, often ingredients they might not otherwise have access to, or fresh fruit they’ve never tried. We serve a lot of families who only eat Halal, so the allplants products are ideal, nutrient-dense meals.”