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City Harvest is a Sustainable Solution to Surplus for Unrooted Drinks

One of the easiest decisions we made in our 2022 plan was choosing to work with City Harvest.”

City Harvest surplus partner, superfruit drinks brand Unrooted Drinks creates healthy, functional shots, infused with antioxidant-rich superfruit baobab. By working with City Harvest, the team at Unrooted has been able to divert discontinued stock, avoiding waste and helping to nourish local communities facing food poverty.

Brands like Unrooted are helping to rescue, food, people, and the planet, making the best use of City Harvest’s effective logistical solution to waste and want. Watch the video below to learn how the drinks brands meets its sustainability goals by working with City Harvest.

Amber Numamoto, Sustainability & Operations at Unrooted Drinks, tells us about how City Harvest is a sustainable solution for surplus stock:

“When looking at what to do with the surplus stock, City Harvest was such an easy solution for us.”

Unrooted focuses on creating healthy, functional shots that are all infused with the baobab plant. If you’ve ever heard of the Baobab fruit, it is from the Baobab tree, which is really high in antioxidants and Vitamin C and fibre, and we put this in all of our products. So, our goal is to really create a healthy people, healthy product, healthy planet.”

“We just launched our new turmeric shot, and this was replacing an old, slower-moving SKU, and we had moved this from retailers and as the stock was no longer available that doesn’t
mean that that stock should just go to waste. And so, when looking at what to do with all the surplus stock, City Harvest was such an easy solution for us.”

“Our Sustainability Mission is focused on and measures impact of the benefits we create for others and not ourselves.”

“So, this can be measuring our path to net zero and our carbon emissions and what that means in the local environment as well as the global environment, measuring and tracking our wastage through our entire supply chain, so that’s from raw extraction all the way down to consumer end.”

“As well as looking at the places where we source our raw ingredients and working with those communities to help with their education and biodiversity, which is why City Harvest was such a good solution for us.”

“City Harvest helped us not only lower our overall wastage in our supply chain, but they were able to help us support in a community that we, as Unrooted, are part of, and are local to.

They made things extremely easy. It was probably one of the easiest decisions that we made in our 2022 plan.”

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