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London US Embassy Food Drive

Supports City Harvest London

It was a joyous occasion for our American co-founder Steve Winningham, trustee Kathy Street and our CEO Sarah Calcutt to visit Ambassador Hartley and her team at the London US embassy. Long standing City Harvest driver, Igo, drove the Livery Food Initiative van to collect the incredible volume of donations by the London US embassy staff and their families.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) team recently visitied City Harvest’s Acton depot to learn more about the work of the City Harvest team. As a result, the US embassy decided to make a substantial donation of food to City Harvest as part of The Big Help Out initiative to mark his Majesty’s coronation.

The range of both speciality and recognised American brands, coupled with valuable store cupboard essentials were graciously received by food banks across our network of 375 London charities.

Thank you, from everyone you helped support. 

City Harvest food charity celebrates Harvest Festival annually, encouraging support from London's community

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