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Sustainability at its core: Rabobank supports City Harvest London

Impact Report

City Harvest offers fantastic sustainable solutions for companies wanting to reduce their waste, support their communities and passionately engage their staff. 

Our corporate packages are perfect for companies serious about wanting to make a difference and show their impact on both people and planet.

Why is it an excellent idea?

  • Volunteer days for staff – Warehouse sorting or delivering food on vans, staff quickly connect with our mission, gaining a unique understanding of how their help supports food poverty and food waste. 1000%
  • We provide regular impact reports on the no. of meals provided and GHGs prevented. All donations are hugely valuable and quantified.
  • Opportunities to sponsor events or specific City Harvest activities.
  • Food surplus donations – all donations are good donations ☺
  • We help companies reach B-Corp status – Read about how we helped Holy Moly.

For more information contact: