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Recipes by Chris Baber

TV chef and City Harvest Food Council member Chris Baber has a passion for making home cooking accessible for everyone. Inspired by his grandad, who made cooking a ritual rather than a chore in his Northumberland kitchen, Chris loves cooking for others and bringing people together around good food. 

His City Harvest Cooking recipes are simple, one-pot dishes that take less than half an hour to come together and use a variety of fresh, healthy ingredients and store cupboard essentials. Chris’ no-frills approach to cooking means his recipes are super adaptable and ingredients can be swapped out depending on what you have available – a dream for surplus cookery!

Try his 10-minute chicken chow mein recipe for a speedy weeknight dinner, you won’t regret it.

Chris Baber

Chris Baber

TV Chef

“City Harvest is my favourite charity, everyone here is amazing. [They’re] redistributing food all over London, so that it can be cooked and given to people who are really struggling to feed themselves, and it’s shocking that the need for what they’re doing is increasing.”

A Taste of City Harvest

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